Bhojpuri dance video: Amrapali Dubey became addicted to piya, said 'Hirua Lagele'

Bhojpuri dance video: Amrapali Dubey became addicted to piya, said ‘Hirua Lagele’


Bhojpuri dance video: Bhojpuri superstar Amrapali Dubey’s coin plays a lot in the acting world. The actress’s fans are all over the country. At the same time, the actress can also often be seen visually spoiling people with her best posts and caring about her fans. Once again, Amrapali Dubey cast the magic of her smile and dance on the people. This video of the actress (Aamrapali Dubey Video) is making a lot of noise on social media.

Amrapali Dubey made everyone crazy about her

Recently, actress Amrapali Dubey shared a video on her Instagram account that is making people crazy about her. Everyone never tires of praising Amrapali Dubey after watching the video. In this video you can see the actress filming a role. In it, Amrapali shows off her tremendous expression on the song “T-Shirt Jhalkauwa” which has everyone staring at her.

Users reacted quickly to the video

Like every Amrapali Dubey post, this video of her got social media coverage as soon as it came out and people showed a quick reaction by hitting the like button. The clip has garnered 37,545 likes in the Instagram world so far. At the same time, this video is constantly commented. One user praised his facial expression, while someone credited himself as his fan.

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