Namrata Malla lights up a bikini by the pool

Namrata Malla lights up a bikini by the pool


Bhojpuri dance video: Namrata Malla, the boldest actress of Bhojpuri cinema, is not interested in any identity today. People are dying to get a glimpse of the actress. Namrata makes headlines every day with her daring videos and photos. Also, the actress is always active on her social media and leaves no stone unturned to capture people’s hearts with her posts. On the other hand, Namrata shared a video again to raise the temperature of the internet.

Namrata Malla’s video makes headlines

A while ago, Namrata Malla shared a video on her official Instagram account. Which makes a lot of headlines. In the video, the actress can be seen in a black and red bikini. The actress looks so hot in a bikini that people are sweating just to see her. In this video, Namrata is making a film about the song “Dekha Ek Khwaab”.

Users said: “Nice figure”

The actress shared the clip and wrote in the caption, “Trust the timing of your life.” She also created red heart emojis. At the same time, this latest post by the Bhojpuri actress has been dominating social media since it appeared, which has been received very positively by people liking it. A user commented on Namrata Malla’s hot video with “Nice figure”. While the other commented, “Wow nice figure”. 

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