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Neelam Giri showed desi style


Bhojpuri dance video: Neelam Giri always remains in the discussion about her style. The Bhojpuri actress is known for her facial expressions. Everyone is crazy about their expression. At the same time, Neelam Giri videos are getting coverage on social media and now a video of her is going viral on social media that people have to watch again and again.

People liked Neelam Giri’s style

This video was shared by Neelam Giri Video on her Instagram account. In the video you can see that she drives people crazy with her style. In it she wears a top. At the same time, people like his style. Neelam Giri gives enormous expression to the song “Majanua pe lekin ke baat ba” (majanua ke lekin ke baat ba).

The actress hurt everyone with her burns

In the video, the actress leaves no stone unturned to hurt people with her flair. People shower him with a lot of love in this song. Sharing the video, the actress wrote in the caption – “Majanua” (majanua). At the same time, this video has become a topic of discussion as soon as it is shared. Fans are heavily commenting on this Neelam Giri video and never get tired of praising her style. As soon as this video hit the Internet, it is very difficult to take your eyes off it.

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