Neelam Giri showed off her waistline, fans mood swings

Neelam Giri showed off her waistline, fans mood swings


Bhojpuri dance video: Little can we say about Bhojpuri’s queen of expression, Neelam Giri. She beats people’s hearts with her performances. Neelam Giri is very active on social media and shares her photos and videos on a daily basis. At the same time, a video of her making people drunk with her style is now going viral.

Fans liked Neelam Giri’s new avatar

Neelam Giri shared a video on her Instagram account showing her in the hoodie and being shot. People really like this actress avatar. In the video, the actress shoots a video by standing in front of the mirror. While filming the video, Neelam puts on such a murderous expression on her face that everyone becomes addicted to her. At the same time, his acting makes people sweat.

Neemal Giri said: “Kamariya Bathela Ye Ram”

In the video, the actress shoots the song “Kamariya Bathela Ye Ram”, in which everyone loses their minds. Let me tell you, this video gets a lot of headlines. By sharing this video, Neelam also shared the heart emoji. At the same time, this video has received 22,640 likes so far. At the same time, users heavily comment on the video.

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