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A woman bowed when she saw Arun Govil arriving at the airport, understanding that the Lord was touching her feet, the TV’s “Shri Ram” was stunned.

Arun Govil Latest News: When Ramayana came in the 90’s people started to see Lord Rama Leela as seen in Arun Govil. Wherever Arun went then, people would have fallen at his feet or bowed down and bowed down before him. But that was years ago. Well, where is that innocence among people, but something happened to the actor who reached the airport that his old memories came alive, and seeing this, Arun walked away with a shudder.

When a woman bent down
It so happened that actor Arun Govil had recently arrived at the airport, where he was with his family, but suddenly he found a couple, from which the woman bowed to him. Maybe she saw the image of Lord Shri Ram in Arun Govil, so she bowed to him and started touching his feet. Seeing this, Arun Govil was also surprised and stunned. Eventually he asked the man accompanying the woman to pick him up and then posed for a photo with him. As soon as this video hit social media, it’s now going wildly viral.

What is your image in the hearts of others, that is your greatness.” It’s been 35 years for the TV series Ramayana, but Arun Govil who plays the role of Ram is still Lord Shri Ram for everyone. emotional moment. @arungovil12

– Dr Sumita Misra IAS (@sumitamisra) September 30, 2022

People comment a lot on social media
At the same time, after watching this video, people also give mixed reactions to it. Some say it’s superstitious, others tell the public it’s uneducated while there are some people praising Arun Govil for playing such a character that people see him as the real god. When Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayana was on TV in the 90’s, people liked it very much. At that time, Arun Govil played the role of Ram and Deepika Chikhaliya played the role of Mother Sita and praised her highly. During the lockdown, Ramayana was again broadcast on TV, which was also widely watched.

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