Ananya Pandey had been dating two boys at the same time, mother Bhavna Pandey revealed

Ananya Pandey had been dating two boys at the same time, mother Bhavna Pandey revealed


Coffee with Karan 7: In the latest episode of Karan Johar’s chat show ‘Koffee With Karan 7’ this time arrived Ananya Pandey’s mother Bhavana Pandey, Shah Rukh Khan’s wife Gauri Khan (Gauri Khan) and Maheep Kapoor. During the episode, the B-Town celebs were spotted having a fun chat with the show’s host, Karan. All three friends brought a different life to the show. She has also appeared on all three shows, where she has been open about her personal life and her children’s dating and love lives. Meanwhile, Karan addressed the issue of Ananya Pandey dating two boys, which Ananya’s mother, Bhavna Pandey, made a big reveal about.

Revealed in Rapid Fire Round

During the rapid-fire round on the show, Karan asked Gauri, Maheep and Bhavna Pandey many questions about their family and children. Meanwhile, Karan asked Gauri Khan what she would say if she wanted to give her son some dating advice, to which Gauri Khan replied: “Date as many girls as you want but stop after marriage. On the other hand, when Karan was asked in the next question for dating advice for his daughter, Gauri said: “Never date two boys together”. Moving on, Karan started talking to Bhavna about Ananya’s dating life.

Bhavna said this about daughter’s relationship life

Responding to the advice for Gauri’s daughter, Karan Bhavna asked Pandey about Ananya’s dating life and said that Ananya had already dated two boys at the same time. To which Bhavna replied, “Yes.” Karan went on to say, “She was between two boys”. Bhavna further said, ‘No, she (Ananya) thought of both, so she broke up with one.’ With these words, mother Bhavna made a big reveal about daughter Ananya Pandey’s love life.

Ananya spoke about her dating life

The seventh episode of Koffee With Karan starred Ananya Pandey with actor Vijay Deverkonda. Where Karan spoke to Ananya about his dating life. During that episode, Karan asked, “Did she date Kartik Aaryan?” To which Ananya said, ‘We’re just good friends.’ Aside from that, Karan questioned the date during the filming of Ananya and Vijay, asking, “When you were dating Ishaan, did you date Vijay?” To which Ananya and Vijay jointly replied that it was just a friendly date. On the show, Karan spoke to Ananya about his date with Ishaan Khattar, he said that “everyone knows you were dating Ishaan, then you broke up?” Ananya ignored that thing. However, later the conversation about dating Ananya Pandey and Ishaan was confirmed.

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