Ananya Pandey was in black and white look, fans said - "Hello Summer"

Ananya Pandey was in black and white look, fans said – “Hello Summer”


Ananya Panday new look: Ananya Panday has created her own identity from Bollywood to Tollywood. The actress has made a big name for herself in a very short time. Besides her acting, the actress is also dominated by her beauty. At the same time, some photos of the actress showing her different style are going viral on social media.

Ananya Panday shared these photos on her Instagram account showing that she is seen in the black and white look. This shows his killer style. Ananya Pandey also wore heavy jewellery.


Ananya Panday has done a topknot to complete her look and she poses for the camera. The actress’ style raises fans’ heads as they see the fans showering her with lots of love.


Ananya Panday’s makeup suits her very well too and she looks very beautiful. The actress shared these photos and wrote, “Iced Out.” The actress’ photos have received countless likes so far, and this character does not take her name.


Ananya Panday wore matching boots with the outfit and she is seen in a killer style. Upon seeing the actress’ looks, fans have been showered with comments. One user called her “stunning”. At the same time, another user called him “feet”.


Ananya Panday wreaks havoc with every look and today her fan base is huge. Fans are waiting for a look at the actress.

The video of Ananya Panday’s outfit also went viral, in which she looks very tall but the actress’ style still makes fans’ hearts beat faster.

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