Anushka Sharma was not happy with Virat Kohli's 71st century made this special gift

Anushka Sharma was not happy with Virat Kohli’s 71st century made this special gift


Virat Kohli 71st Century: After back-to-back defeats, the spirit of the Indian cricket team began to crumble. Of course, the Indian team are now eliminated from the Asian Cup, but Virat Kohli once again won the hearts of the Indians by showing his flair. Let us tell you that in Thursday’s India-Afghanistan game, Virat Kohli completed his 71st century by scoring 122 runs against Afghanistan, after which people praise and congratulate him greatly. His wife Anushka Sharma was also very happy on this special occasion. She was also spotted giving her husband a special gift.

Anushka Sharma made a special contribution

Anushka Sharma shared some pictures of husband Virat Kohli which went viral on social media as soon as they surfaced. In these pictures, Virat can be seen getting excited about the 71st century. Captioning the caption, Anushka Sharma wrote, “I am always with you in everything”. At the same time, Virat Kohli made a lot of red heart emojis on this actress’ post. Many other film industry superstars such as Varun Dhawan, Shraddha Kapoor, Sonali Bendre, Ranveer Singh gave a loving reaction to the post.

Virat gave his wife credit for the win

Virat gave full credit to his wife and daughter for his tremendous achievement, saying: “All the credit for this century goes especially to Anushka and our little daughter Vamika. When you have someone next to you, talking, steering things in the right direction… like I was and Anushka was always by my side during those times. I’ve done a lot of thinking in my time away from the game. He continued: “Anushka was with me when my dark period was on and I was out of shape. Then Anushka supported me, so all the credit goes to her for this win.

Fans emotional with great performance

Virat Kohli had left the crowd happy with his 71st century, but then he made fans even more emotional when he took out his engagement ring he wore around his neck and kissed it after the win. He did this by attributing his victory to Anushka who is always by his side. To which Virat said: “I know there was a lot going on outside but he really kept perspective and I kissed my ring while celebrating. You see me standing right now, there is only one person behind me who has been with me in every difficult time and that is Anushka. This Virat thing touched the hearts of the fans.

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