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BB16: There is an age difference of Sumbul-Shaleen of about 20 years, the father said about the increasing closeness – he has complete freedom

Creating love stories in the Bigg Boss home isn’t a new thing, but a love story with such a large age gap is likely to be the first time audiences have seen it. Actress Sumbul Tauqeer Khan, who played the leading role in TV show Imli, has joined reality TV show Bigg Boss 16 this year. Sumbul is in the news for his growing closeness with Shaleen at Bigg Boss’ house.

Growing closer to Shaleen

Tina Dutta was the first to notice Sumbul Tauqeer Khan’s growing closeness with Shaleen in the Bigg Boss home. But then Shaleen was shocked and said, where did all this come from? She (Sumbul) is a child. Though Sumbul’s affection for Shaleen is evident throughout the show, now it’s his father’s reaction to it.

I didn’t go to play games to find matches

Regarding Sumbul’s growing closeness with Shaleen, the actress’ father Tauqeer Khan said, “I didn’t know Shaleen before, but now I’ve started to know. Sumbul’s father said that when he sent his daughter in, he said she wasn’t going to or any place to find the perfect match, but to play games.

He has the freedom to do whatever he wants

However, he continued to support Sumbul, saying: “She has complete freedom to do whatever she does and whatever she puts her mind to. When she plays a game, she learns from it by making mistakes. Because nobody is there to help him. So much so that we can’t ask him to bring him back.”

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