Bigg Boss 16: Viewers Can't Stand Sajid Khan!  This demand arose on social media

Bigg Boss 16: Viewers Can’t Stand Sajid Khan! This demand arose on social media

The Bigg Boss 16 season has been in the news since it began. A new uproar has started with producer Sajid Khan joining the show. So is Sajid Khan, who was heavily criticized by many actresses during the 2018 #MeToo movement. Including allegations of sexual abuse. Many actresses spoke openly about Sajid’s behavior. Since then, Sajid has almost disappeared from the film industry. Now his entry into the Bigg Boss 16 season has filled many people with anger. Fans aren’t happy that she’s joining the show. There is a demand to remove Sajid from the show.

“Remove Sajid Khan” is trending on social media. Netizens started a petition to get Sajid out of Bigg Boss. Users also voice the idea of ​​taking down Sajid from Bigg Boss. They say that Sajid should not be elected at all. Vote for the remaining candidates. After that, Sajid is kicked out of the show.

Movie celebrities are also protesting Sajid Khan’s appearance in Bigg Boss 16. Actress Mandana Karimi is so disappointed to see Sajid on the show that she even announced she is leaving the film industry. Mandana had also leveled allegations against Sajid. Mandana says she is leaving the film industry because there is no respect for women here.

Many more celebrities are questioning Sajid’s entry in Bigg Boss. This includes Urfi Javed. At the same time, singer Sona Mohapatra has targeted the makers of Bigg Boss. He tweeted and expressed his displeasure with Sajid’s presence on the show. Sajid Khan, who made headlines after joining Bigg Boss, has made the creators uncomfortable. It remains to be seen how long Sajid can star in this show. Maybe the creators will make a big decision to kick him off the show. Even if Sajid doesn’t get any votes, he’s definitely out of the show. As many days as Sajid stays with Bigg Boss, this show will continue to make headlines, but at what cost? It will appear in the coming days.

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