Demonstration against 'Adi Purush': Bharatiya Awam Party said - Bollywood has committed a grave sin

Demonstration against ‘Adi Purush’: Bharatiya Awam Party said – Bollywood has committed a grave sin

The teaser launch of Prabhas, the film Adipurush starring Saif Ali Khan and based on the characters from Ramayana, has caused a major uproar. There are allegations of making fun of this film about Hinduism. On Thursday, Bharatiya Awam Party demonstrated in Varanasi against the film Adi Purush. The likenesses of the film’s director and cast were burned at Lamhi Gate.

Party leaders claimed that Bollywood had once again done the job of humiliating Hinduism in the name of freedom of speech and freedom of art by producing the film Aadipurush. Bollywood has committed a grave sin and an unforgivable crime by presenting a false image of the country’s greatest deity, Lord Shri Ram and Hanumanji.

Bharatiya Awam Party leaders conducted a mukhalfat march and warned the director, producer and cast of the film Adipurush that party workers at all levels would protest if the film was released. Doesn’t want the film to run at any cost. The Bharatiya Awam Party appealed to everyone to oppose this film. It is worth noting that Om Raut’s directorial film Adipurush has been widely criticized.

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