ED Accuses Jacqueline Fernandez In A Rs.250 Crore Money Laundering Case.

ED Accuses Jacqueline Fernandez In A Rs.250 Crore Money Laundering Case

Jacqueline Fernandez, who doesn’t need any extra introduction in the Indian film industry. Many are not that fit and talented and have never seemed to fail with her stunning looks.

Jacqueline has been a main part of many big-budget movies and she is loved in the Bollywood industry.

Before starting her career in Bollywood, she won the crown as Miss Sri Lanka in 2006.

Currently, it’s not a good time for Jacqueline as she is being accused in a money laundering case with the conman, Sukesh Chandrashekar. 

At the beginning ,Jacqueline said she did not have any connection with Sukesh. But now her connection with him is being thoroughly researched by the Enforcement Directorate.

According to the current situation, the Enforcement Directorate has filed a charge sheet against Jacqueline.The charge sheet will be filed under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act(PMLA). 

The ED has confirmed that Jacqueline has a close bond with Sukesh and is his defender in the Rs. 250 crore money laundering case.

The conman, Sukesh, is currently in Tihar jail. It is found that Jacqueline was well aware that Sukesh was a criminal. And both of them had continuous contact until Sukesh was arrested on August 09, last year.

Jacqueline told the ED and reporters that she had not met him after he was arrested in August and that he had told her that he was the owner of Sun TV and that he was from the political family of Jayalalitha.

Sukesh has gifted many high-price gifts to Jacqueline. All the gifts are worth the price 10 crores that include three designer bags of Gucci, Channel, two gucci outfits for gym wear, two pairs of diamond earrings and so on.

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