Fans' dream of seeing a multi-star movie is shattered

Fans’ dream of seeing a multi-star movie is shattered

Mega blockbuster trailer: A promo recently caused great excitement among the fans. This promo starred stars from all three worlds including television and Bollywood. It was also called “Mega Blockbuster”. It was only after watching the video that people started thinking that a movie starring comedy king Kapil Sharma, Deepika Padukone and Rashmika Mandanna is coming together. At the same time, the video also made it clear that the trailer for “Mega Blockbuster” will be released on September 4th. The wait is over, the trailer is here. However, upon seeing the trailer, the fuse in fans’ minds has blown.

Mega blockbuster trailer out

Watching the trailer released on September 4th, it’s clear that all the stars together have had fans cooking. However, by mistake, cricketer Sourav Ganguly had already exposed it. In fact, a post went viral on social media in which a major reveal was made. Sourav Ganguly copied the content sent by the company and pasted it into his post, which let fans know what it is about. Let me tell you, Mega Blockbuster isn’t a movie or a series, it’s an app promo video.

Watch the trailer here-

Fans made owl

Now, the trailer reveals that comedian Kapil Sharma, cricketer Sourav Ganguly, Rohit Sharma, actor Ranveer Singh, actress Rashmika Mandanna and Deepika Padukone are not collaborating in any film. Nor is it a series, a TV show, or even an award. This is an advertising campaign by an e-commerce company. However, fans who were looking forward to the film suffered a major setback after seeing the trailer, and everyone banged their heads.

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