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From Delhi to Mumbai, Sakshi Tanwar “Parvati” went from house to house, her first salary flew away

Sakshi Tanwar, who has proven her acting skills from the television industry to the film industry, doesn’t need an identity. Sakshi is one of those actresses who cannot remain tied to any character. While Sakshi Tanwar ruled people’s hearts by becoming Ghar Ghar Kii Parvati in Kahaani, she was also held in high esteem as the mother of wrestler’s daughters in Dangal. Let us know the journey of Sakshi Tanwar through this article….

Sakshi Tanwar didn’t start her career with acting but got her first job as a sales intern in Delhi. Sakshi was paid Rs 900 for this job. In an interview, Sakshi had said that this job was like a summer camp job for her. He had placed 12th in 1990, during which time he was offered that job. Sakshi graduated from Lady Shri Ram College in Delhi. When Sakshi got her first salary, she bought a saree from her. Whenever Sakshi has time, she definitely goes to Delhi.

Sakshi originally wanted to be an engineer, not an actress, for which she prepared and took exams. But luck had decreed otherwise, she could not pass the exam, as a result of which she did not get admission to engineering school.

After that, Sakshi turned to acting. In the first few days when Sakshi came to Mumbai from Delhi, she struggled a lot. After many difficulties, he got work in TV shows. However, Sakshi gained most popularity by playing the role of Parvati in Ekta Kapoor’s show Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki.

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