Funny jokes: A sardar at the train station

Funny jokes: A sardar at the train station


Pappu to his wife
Tell me at the time of ‘Bidaai’
Why do girls cry so much?
Woman- ‘Crazy’ when you find out…
someone to take you away from home
“When you get the paraphernalia ready,” then what are you going to dance…


At the train station, a Sardar Ji looked at a passerby for a long time, then suddenly got up and asked him that you are Chinese,

This passer-by said, “No, I am Indian.” Sardar walked away.

After a while he came back and asked, “Brother, are you Chinese?”

He said again: “I am Indian”

I thought to myself, “He’s a very strange man, he’d walked by before to ask.”

Sardar Ji walked away and then came back:- Brother, are you Chinese?

The passer-by finally got upset and said, “Yes, brother, I’m Chinese.”

The sardar after staring for a while said “but you don’t like chinese man” !!!

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