Funny Jokes: Yesterday I had pooja at my house

Funny Jokes: Am I the first you came to the park for and fell in love with?


I went to the hotel for breakfast
All couples sat on the seat
to sit
there was no space
Cell phone out of pocket
spoke loudly
Your friend here with another one
You sit, come soon
half of the oath
The girls have disappeared…😝🤣🤣🤣🤣


Locate Aliens – Airplane, Cell Phone, Facebook, Fridge, Rocket, Internet, Atomic Bomb, Fan etc.
Discoveries of Indians – get rid of ghosts, demons, witches, souls, vashikaran, sautan, ways to get the love you want, etc. ???
Talked to old Mehboob today after a long time,
He asked……how are you?
We said…..
stinging in the eyes, burning in the heart,
There are also breaths, some have stopped,
everywhere is smoke
He said …..
are you still in love
We said – no in Delhi…😝🤣🤣🤣🤣


Santu Girlfriend Panno Rani to – Am I the first boy you came to the park for and loved so much?

Panno Rani – Screaming! Hey man, all these guys you asking this one question?
During the investigation into the fall of the Champu bus into the river, how did the bus driver fall into the river?
Driver: I don’t know, sir.
Champu – Remember me and tell me what happened?
Driver – Sir, the conductor didn’t come that day and I was taking fare from the passengers behind me when the bus plunged into the river.

Funny jokes: someone was telling the truth

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