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Funny jokes: before marriage, pappu with girlfriend


If the woman first
day in chat
I love you!
speak then understand
take in front
female not female
Jayawardene is


the sadness is not
The family members let me work.
Too bad he speaks
what do you do all day


I will also celebrate Valentine’s Day.
The girls who rejected me
I will call her parents and tell them her “LOCATION”.


Only Apsara’s beautiful girls
can only be found in newspaper advertisements
his real life
Has nothing to do with.


a boy to a girl in his class
tried to impress
Boy :- Hi sweetie, should I charge 50?
Girl:- No,
Boy (in his mind): – Wow, what a decent girl,
Girl:- Well, take 500 rupees,
The offer for full talk time is ongoing
Boy: – Go sister!
Your lesson is about to start…


When a baby is born in China….
So it’s not up to the mother or father…
Goes all over China…
This is real patriotism…


Before the wedding, Pappu promised his girlfriend that I would give you moon stars…
After marriage there was a boy.
Pappu called him Tarachand.

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