Funny Jokes: Brother That's what everyone says here

Funny Jokes: Brother That’s what everyone says here


A man looked at old papers in the house,

Then he got his hands on his wife’s Class XI report card.

Still unconscious after reading the character certificate under the numbers….


“Good-natured and peace-loving student”


Pappu sat there in the public toilet
Suddenly a voice came from the adjoining toilet:
“How are you ??”
Pappu`: Startled: “I’m fine..”
Then the voice came: “What are you doing??”

Pappu: “Brother, what is everyone doing here…”
Then the voice came: “May I come??”
Pappu: Was worried and quickly said:
“No, no, I can manage on my own..”
Then came the voice:

“Okay man, I’ll call you later..
Just now someone is answering all my questions from the owl’s toilet!!

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