Funny jokes: Maa Main Bhi is swimming in the pond

Funny Jokes: Can You Read Chinese…?


Husband: What kind of pulse is that? There’s no salt, no chili, it’s totally weak…! You are busy with your phone all day, don’t know what to do or not to do…!
Woman- (shows top hat) First you eat food by holding the mobile side, since when am I watching… you eat bread by dipping in water…!😝🤣🤣🤣🤣


Santa asked Banta: Can you read the Chinese language…?
Banta said: Yes…!
Santa Claus – how…?
Banta- If it is written in Hindi or English then..

A 70-year-old woman filed for divorce in court.
The judge asked the older woman – why do you want a divorce at this age?
Madam – Mr. Judge, my husband is torturing me mentally.
Judge – How’s that?
Woman – Whenever you want, listen to me honestly.
And when I start speaking, I take out my hearing aids…

The teacher put a bottle of wine in front of the donkey and a bucket of water. The donkey drank all the water.
When the teacher asked the children what did you learn?
Children: If you don’t drink alcohol, you’re a donkey.


Plumber – sir, the faucet has been fixed, the cost of labor is 800 rupees,
Engineer Santa- Hey I don’t even have that much charge for 1 hour…
Plumber – Sir, I wasn’t even there when I was an engineer.

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