Funny jokes: A sardar at the train station

Funny Jokes: Do you know Brits


Sonu blew up 25 people by driving fast.
Judge: You blew up 25 people, what do you have to say in your statement?
Sonu: I was driving fast, but when I hit the brakes, I realized the brakes had failed.
Then I saw in front 2 men walking, and on the other side 1 procession was driving, so tell me where to turn the car?
Judge – It’s a simple thing, where there were 2 men the damage would have been a little less.
Sonu- Exactly right… I thought the same thing… but these 2 men got into the procession after seeing my car. So now you’re saying whose fault it is?


Teacher: I will give two sentences, you need to know the difference.
First sentence: He washed the dishes.
Second sentence: He had to wash the dishes.
Santa- In the first sentence, the subject is unmarried.


The boy proposed to a soldier girl on Valentine’s Day.
Fauji – How much do you earn, kid?
Boy – Rs 17000 in a month
Fauji – That’s all, now I give pocket money to my daughter at Rs 15000 a month.
Boy – Uncle Ji, I’m just telling him by adding him!
What did the soldier say then?


In the interview, the boss asked – do you speak the British language?
Boy – yes
Boss – Show me something
Boy – Dugna lagan dena padega buvan!
Boss – Boss unconscious

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