Funny jokes: Today a girl attracted me

Funny jokes: Give me something to eat

Traffic Police: Challan needs to be dropped off, tell me the name…

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Traffic police: I’m leaving the bar now, never break the signal again


Nowadays the law is very strict. A helmet check is carried out at every intersection,

When Uncle came home, the lens of his helmet was red.

There were also red stains on the T-shirt.

Everyone got scared…

Immediately, two people helped her and brought her into the house… When there was no electricity, then one person took the fan to blow….

One started to take off his shoes and socks…

Everyone was shocked… So much blood…?

asked uncle… what happened uncle…?

A bad accident? did you fall somewhere

Uncle said no… there is no exercise nor wearing a helmet…

So forget that the jar is closed when spitting betel…


Teacher: Tell me where is India on the Golu map.

Golu:- Here is the teacher

Teacher: That’s right Bholu, now tell me who discovered India.

Bholu:- Golu did.


Raju to Rickshawwala:- Uncle Amba ji, are you leaving?

Rickshaw whale: Yes

Raju: Then it’s okay for me to take prasad.


When his father Pappus saw the result, he crossed his fingers.

Pappu:- Dad, you read and wrote, so why are you crossing your fingers.

Dad :- When your teacher sees your results, he shouldn’t feel like your dad read and wrote.


Beggar: Give me something to eat.

Aunt: Dinner isn’t ready yet.

Beggar:- Well when it’s ready call me, take this my number.

Funny Jokes: You know what you like about me

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