Funny jokes: Santa Claus met his girlfriend at night

Funny jokes: Golu asks his boss for marriage


Santa Claus went to Banta’s house…
When he went to Banta’s house, Santa Claus saw the photo of Banta and his wife that was kept in front.
When he saw the photo, Santa said:
The couple of you and your sister-in-law is like Ram and Sita.
After listening to Santa Claus, Banta said, “Where are you man?
To date, no one has brought your sister-in-law to Ravana.
And to this day it has not buried itself in the earth.


Golu asked for his boss’s girl’s hand in marriage.
said the boss annoyed
I’ve seen my worth, the level of salary you get, not even toilet paper will come for my daughter.
Golu said: Well, if your girl goes to the toilet so often, then leave the marriage thing for now.


Santa: Come on, tell the jail in Hindi
Why lockout?
Banta is simple man because there is only there
May eat and kick air.


The husband said with great love to his wife – I wish you were sugar,
Sometimes sweet talk
Woman- I wish you were ginger, swear by…
Husband faints after hearing wife’s answer

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