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Funny Jokes: Happy New Year to you


Husband – Oh, my fourteenth moon turned into a new moon today. Is it Lakshmi?

Will church services also be held on mobile devices?

Woman – Hey, yesterday Roop Chaudas was locked in mobile face

Today is not open, the parlor is also closed.

Husband – Hi Ray Makeup!


Yamraj – Girl let’s go from this world now. your time is up

Girls – Speak correctly and battery too. I’ll take the charger in a minute.


To Lord Rama of India – Thank you Lord, you killed Ravana.

Lord Ram – Don’t jump happily after a few days alive and sitting in Parliament.


A friend to another friend – why not aim for it.

Second Friend – The question concerns the nose.

First Friend – Nose? As ?

Second Friend – Years ago it was done by Shurpanakha and Ram cut off her nose


Journalist – Rahul Ji, if you had won what would have changed in India.

Rahul ji – I would have made India Italy. So that he didn’t have to go to Italy after the defeat.


May God bless you with the new year,

Whatever you want, come to you

You’re not a bachelor this year

May your mother-in-law come with your relationship!

Happy New Year

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