Funny jokes: Secretly talk to your boyfriend at night

Funny jokes: He opened the laptop so as not to scold dad and started reading.


Monu- As much as your daughter flies in 1 month,
My car uses so much oil in 1 week
The girl’s father – What kind of car does he drive?
Monu road roller.


Son returned home after drinking beer
To avoid dad’s scolding, he opened the laptop and began to read.
Papason, did you come back after drinking?
Son – no dad, I did not drink
Dad: What do you read when you open the suitcase?


A man killed a cockroach
Before she died, the cockroach said to the man for the last time – kill me somewhere with a coward.
You’re annoying me because your wife is afraid of me and not of you.
Cancel to kill cockroaches.

Funny jokes: Your son used to talk a lot

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