Funny jokes: Secretly talk to your boyfriend at night

Funny jokes: Husband calls wife


A woman who taught home economics was very thin.
His dispatch took place in a village.
One day she asked the children in the class questions – Tell me children, why does the earth seem to rotate?
A boy said – Madam, eat something.
If you go to school without eating, the earth will spin like this…


Santa papa tell me what does I go?
Dad – I’m going.
Santa Claus – Oh! Dad’s gone, tell me later.


A beautiful girl was standing at the bus station…
A boy said: The moon comes out at night, how did it come out in the day today?
The girl said: oh, owl used to talk at night, how did he talk during the day today.


When a beggar got a lottery, he had a temple built.
Second beggar – why did you have the temple built?
First beggar – now I’ll beg in front of it alone.
Second beggar – solid investment, stress-free and tax-free for life,
Friend, you even overtook the rich!


Husband calls wife: you are very cute.
Madam – thanks jaan
Husband: You are like a princess.
Wife: Oh my god thank you so much and tell me what are you doing?
Husband- boss went out if it was for free I thought I should joke a bit.


Pappu held the hand of a married woman and said…
Pappu: Your face resembles my wife’s.
The married woman slapped Pappu hard in the face.
Pappu – Amazing the habit is the same too!!

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