Funny jokes: When I see you, I'm Sureshs

Funny jokes: I booed the shopkeeper today


Harish reached the family to see the girl.
The qualities of the girl were praised before him.
The girl said: “Seema’s voice is like a cuckoo”.
His neck is like that of a peacock, his gait is like that of a deer, and by nature he is a cow.
Harish said, “Yeah, is there a human quality in that?


Pappu met a girl on the way…
The girl said – Oh, what is he doing, I see you such a girl?
Pappu: You’re absolutely right, ma’am, but it’s our duty to check, isn’t it?


A beautiful vegetable lady traveled in a packed Mumbai eatery…
Suddenly someone pulled the chain…
Standing nearby… touching the Kanpuria boy’s hand…
Vegetables – get up comfortably
boy – sorry…
After a while… someone pulled the chain again…
Vegetables – what are you doing ….
Kanpuria boy – apply to Khaini…


Pappu- I made an owl for the shopkeeper today.
Gappu – how?
Pappu – bought two shoes for the price of one shoe,
The price was based on the same…
Gappu – must have forgotten to write the course on the other shoe…


One mosquito sat upset, then the other mosquito asked… what happened?
First Mosquito- Nothing dude, I think the rat in the rat trap… soap in the soap box…
It’s amazing that a person sleeps in a mosquito net.

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