Funny jokes: Today I have for you

Funny jokes: I want a divorce from my wife

Verma ji to the lawyer: I want to divorce my wife, she has not spoken to me for 6 months
Attorney: Think carefully, you don’t always find a woman like that again.


Message from wife to husband: – When you come out of the office, bring vegetables. And yes, Savita said hello to you.

Husband: Who is Savita?

Nobody I just wrote a name at the bottom of the message so I can be sure you read my entire message.

*Now there is a twist in the story……😳*

Husband:- But I’m with Savita, which Savita were you talking about?

Wife :- Where are you….?😡😡😡

Husband: Near the vegetable market
Wife:- Wait, I’m coming now. ,

After reaching the vegetable market in 10 minutes, the wife message to the husband “Where are you”?

*Husband:- “I’m in the office, now buy whatever vegetables you want to buy……*

Funny jokes: It’s called Smart Husband

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