Funny jokes: when it's so cold

Funny jokes: I want to buy a dog


Teacher: There were 10 mangoes in a basket, if 3 rotted, how many mangoes are left?
Golu – 10
Teacher: Hey dumbass, how will 10 survive?
Golu – where do the rotten mangoes go, rotten bananas become a little


Two friends, Sonu and Monu, were chatting about the holidays.
Sonu- It’s just as difficult to achieve marriages by saying goodbye to a private job…
As in the old movies, the witness had to come to court.


At one point, Ram Katha went further…
Suddenly there was an announcement on the mic… Bhai Banwari Lal ji, wherever you are, came home immediately,
Sarita’s sister-in-law is waiting for him at home Bhai Banwari Lal, who heard Ram’s story with enthusiasm, immediately got up, got up and went home.
Then Sarita sister in law who was sitting between the women yelled Hey sit sit listen Ram Katha I had made an announcement just to see if Ram is hearing the story or has gone somewhere else…


Wife – I want to buy a dog.
Husband: Why do you want to buy a dog?
Woman- So that after you go into the office, someone will wag their tail in front of me.

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