Funny jokes: A sardar at the train station

Funny jokes: I’m going to the temple

Woman – listen, there is a lot of theft these days
have started to happen. The washerman took our two towels
has stolen.
Husband – What towels?
woman – ah! The same one we brought from the hotel in Manali.


A man ran to the doctor’s office and said in a nervous voice:
Doctor! Doctor! Please save my life!
Doctor – What happened?
Man- A lizard got in my mouth!
The doctor was surprised and said – what?
Why didn’t you close your mouth when the lizard entered your mouth?
Man – a mistake was made
Actually, I thought that after catching the cockroach that entered my mouth earlier, it would come back.


Wife slapped Santa Claus!
Santa Claus got up and asked – what did I do wrong?
Woman- You make a mistake, I’ll wait for a while!


Girlfriend (angry) – Why are you so late? How long have I waited?
Boyfriend boss had stopped, had dinner with them.
Girlfriend – what did you eat?
friend – abuse
Lady Doctor – What do you do when you’re upset?


Pappu – I’m going to the temple
Lady Doctor – You’re doing very well, meditating there, aren’t you?
Pappu- No, I mix people’s shoes and slippers.
Then I see how these people get upset

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