Funny jokes: shy girl opens the newspaper

Funny jokes: man only two in his house


Husband sit in the office

posted on facebook

“Panchi Banu Udta Phiroon Mast Gagan Mein”

then Wife The comment came

“They brought vegetables as soon as they touched the ground.

In the building… not a single hair else

Will be saved in your life. ,


physician in the woman’s mouth

put the thermometer, and for some time

I was asked to shut up…

Wife see the silence Husband Out of

I didn’t stay and just asked –

“Doctor Sahib”

How much does that thing cost?


Wife: Shall I make tea?

Husband: Yes OK

Wife: Ginger?

Husband: OK

Wife: Should I give mint?

Husband: Yes OK

Wife: basil for health

Is good

Husband: onion and garlic

Also put the tempering on it.


indian woman

has rituals

he was in front of everyone

to your husband

“Abe donkey” “Oye donkey” “Hear donkey”

doesn’t speak, hence her


to the woman Wife Why is it called

I thought a lot but…

meaning of wife

Find out today –

Without disclosures

Fight every time


man only two in his house

Happy for the same reasons:

If the woman is “new”.

or but

not be a “wife”.

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