Funny jokes: Black friend in Africa

Funny Jokes: Mom, you always said angels fly, then why doesn’t your neighbor’s aunt fly?

Teacher: Why don’t you pay attention to your studies?

Student: Because the study is only done for two reasons.

Teacher: Well sir, what are those two reasons, just tell me?

Student: Either out of fear or out of a hobby, I don’t have a hobby without a reason and if I’m scared of someone then I don’t have one.


After breaking up with his girlfriend, the farm boy went to the temple crying and said to God…

Mix the boy and the lost friend, O Rabba…

God said, “There is a Hanuman temple next to it. There, go and file an FIR…

He had only found Mata Sita.


Nowadays, there are more cars and e-rickshaws in the city than no drivers.

When someone sees a ride, it’s like kidnapping.


Ramesh (to Suresh): All life passes

If I ever get a teacher in this wait, I will definitely ask him one thing.

Suresh: What?

Ramesh: When and how do you use these Sine Theta, Cos Theta and Tan Theta in life?


The ticket inspector caught Bengali Baba for traveling without a ticket… and then…

Ticket examiner – show the ticket, Baba?

Baba – no.

Ticket Checker – Where to?

Baba – where Maryada Purshottam Lord Shri Ram was born.

Ticket Checker – Come on, I’ll hand you over now

Baby where?

Ticket Controller – where the Flutewala is born.


Child: Mom, you always said that angels fly, then why doesn’t your neighbor’s aunt fly?

Mom: Who called that monkey an angel?

Child: Dad named her Pari.

Mother: Then the son, the aunt and your father will fly today.

Funny Jokes: Mother in law I want to be a lizard in my next life.

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