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Funny jokes: shy girl opens the newspaper


Will give everyone a heart
And for a noble too…
But until girlfriend
Doesn’t fit…
Will suggest to everyone


One should keep in touch with a person who has been hurt in love…
Alcohol and cigarettes are always there.


Boy stands in front of his girlfriend’s house
Then aunt came out
Aunt – why are you standing?
Boy – just like that
Aunt-son, that’s the age, read a little, write a little, make a career
Boy your girl can’t handle me
What career plan will I set?


A girl saw a handsome boy at the bus stop
And was intrigued and said, “I LOVE YOU.”
The boy put his dupatta on the girl’s head
And said:- “Chant the name of Ram”
Love kept nothing in love.
I give Gayatri Mantra by writing on this paper:
Read it daily before bed.
(The boy caught the girl writing a paper,
The bus came and it went)


When the embarrassed girl opened the newspaper and saw
Inside it was written: “Blind to wisdom, will he be beaten up?
My wife was behind it. This is my cellphone number.
save it. Will be on the phone and yes… I LOVE U 2”
Moral: men will be men?

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