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Funny jokes: son asked his mother


Nowadays even 12-year-old children ride bikes….
we also rode bikes
Learned in three steps.
1. Scissors 2. Stick 3. Upholstery


My neighbor Raju – Rahul Baba,
Tell me the mantra for a happy married life. , , ,
Rahul Baba – Son until the mouth is closed
And the purse will be open
Until then grace will come…


neighbor at night
got a call from
that at our house
nobody is fast
went and saw
he really was nobody
.. was blocked


Pappu rode a bicycle.
Suddenly he met a girl.
Girl – Couldn’t ring the bell
Pappu – Now I killed the whole cycle…
Should I now ring the bell separately?


After the new marriage, Santa was confused that… how to start the conversation…
After half an hour of thinking, finally from his wife –
“Your family members know, right?
Are you staying here tonight?”


Ratanlal: Ramesh! When I look at you, I remember Suresh.
Ramesh: But me and Suresh have very little in common!
Ratanlal: Why not! For the past two years, you’ve both told me
Had taken out a loan of five hundred rupees, not returned to date!


The son asked his mother why computers are so smart?
Mother gave a very beautiful answer:
…because they listen to their motherboard.

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