Funny jokes: Maa Main Bhi is swimming in the pond

Funny jokes: Today you will be hanged


Husband: Did Sasuma cook the meal today?

Wife: Wow! You guessed it very well. Is the food very tasty?

Husband: Black hair always comes out when eating, today it turned white.


A meeting was held in a company. The boss understood something for everyone on the dashboard.

Boss: Finally we know the meaning of admin in Hindi.

Employer: What are you, sir?

Boss: Herd controller.


Pappu: Pappu, now you have to get 90 percent points.

Pappu: No dad, this time I get 100 percent points.

Dad: What are you kidding?

Pappu: Who started it?


Dad: Look, if you’ve spread yourself this time too, don’t call me dad.

after the exam

What happened to your son?

Pappu: Don’t lose your mind Girdhari Lal, you have lost your right to be called father.


Wife: Listen! Instaji is worshiped in the evenings.

All friends in the neighborhood were called. What to distribute in Prasad..??

Husband: Share my ID. It will be a virtue.


Jailer: Tillu! Today you will be hanged, if you have one last wish, tell me.

Tillu: I keep my feet up and my head down as I hang myself.

Funny jokes: The neighborhood’s sushma is number one

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