Funny jokes : Husband : About your marriage license

Funny jokes: When a girl becomes a girlfriend

Science teacher: – Are you sleeping?

Gappu:- No, the teacher bends due to gravity.


Two American scientists fainted after learning that licking the pan rains in marriage.


A biker asked Chintu for the address……

Excuse “I want to go to the Taj Mahal?”

Chintu: So don’t go brother, if you tell everyone like that, when will you arrive???


Son: Dad, I don’t want to get married, I’m afraid of all women,

Father: Do it, wait, then you’ll only be afraid of a woman.


I tell the story of my school’s love

There was a topper who was the queen of percentages

Then we got caught and the queen failed


today’s knowledge

If the woman is the Lakshmi of the house, then the girlfriend is the wealth of the art.


basic knowledge

If you have a headache, talk to your girlfriend for a while,

Because only poison can bite poison


I’m mad at you

you’re crazy about someone else

And that madman behind someone else

Means everything crazy back and forth


When a girl becomes a friend, even if the feeling of marriage doesn’t arise,

But when the girl blocks, the feeling of separation definitely comes.

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