Gulzar lyrics for darling movie

Gulzer Has Penned The Song “Pleaj” For The Movie Darlings

An amazing poet and writer, Gulzar has penned a song for a song in the movie “Darlings”. Gulzar has completed the lyrics for the song “Pleaj” . Gulzar is well known for his adequate songs, but he is more famous for his fun filled nature of lyrics. ”Darlings” is the debut direction of Jasmeet K. Reen.

Reen was speaking about the experience with Gulzar that she wanted a quirk kind of for “Pleaj”and ”Gulzar Saab has very well cracked the song.” Gulzar Saab first reads the script , then he understands what the director really requires, and then he narrates the lyrics by himself, and it is completely our opinion about whether we like it or not.

And then she also added that she was having a confusion with a word so she discussed that with Vishal Bhardwaj sir that they should go for options. Then Vishal Sir said, even Gulzar Saab was saying that Reen was unsure about it.

 Reen was saying that Vishal Sir had continued to tell her that Gulzar Saab was already wanting to discuss those options with Reen. 

 Reen added that conversations with Gulzar Saab were completely different experiences and they had a lot of fun working with him. Gulzar Saab has a director friendly approach and he didn’t  even make Reen feel that this is her debut work.

Reen continued that there is another song, “Lailaaj”. We wanted a perfectly flawed love ,a relationship that is broken but for you it is all you wanted. The music was composed by Vishal Bhardwaj and the lyrics were done by Gulzer.

Alia Bhatt, Shefali Shah, and Vijay Varma are the stars of “Darlings.” Also, this movie is Alia Bhatt’s debut production. The film is produced by Red Chilies Entertainment and Alia Eternal Sunshine Productions.

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