Hansal Mehta tells 'Dhaakad' his big mistake

Hansal Mehta tells ‘Dhaakad’ his big mistake


Hansal Mehta About Kangana Ranaut: Bollywood’s Panga Queen Kangana Ranaut is in the headlines once again. The actress recently joked about Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt’s latest movie, Brahmastra. Meanwhile, film director Hansal Mehta has become furious with Kangana, citing working with the actress as his biggest mistake.

Hansal Mehta reveals his mistake to ‘Dhaakad’

Let us share that some time ago Hansal Mehta tweeted that he won’t get a ticket for the movie “Brahmastra” starring Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt. When they saw the tweet, social media users reacted and wrote that they should be ashamed for giving Kangana a flop movie. Seeing the same tweet from the user, Hansal Mehta couldn’t help but reply, saying, “Yeah I shouldn’t have done a movie ‘Dhaakad’. This tweet by Hansal is going pretty viral in the internet world. Significantly, Kangana starring Dhaakad was released that year and proved to be a flop at the box office.

Before Dhaakad, Hansal Mehta directed this film with Kangana Ranaut

This isn’t the first time Hansal Mehta and Kangana Ranaut have joined hands on a film. The two had previously worked together on the film Simran. After making this film, Hansal said in an interview that Kangana was a great actress. But no film can be about a single person, Kangana has limited himself to boundaries. Not only that, but Hansal had said that this film was completely out of my control. The circumstances were not pleasant. Financially, this film cost me a lot. What happened on the sets of the film also affected my mental state. I pity Simran but there is no bitterness.

Kangana Ranaut busy in case of emergency

Speaking of Kangana Ranaut, these days she’s busy shooting for her upcoming movie Simran. For your information, let us inform you that Kangana Ranaut will be starring in the movie “Emergency” in the role of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. It will be a historical drama. It shows the emergency situation in the country that began on June 25, 1975. Fans are eagerly awaiting this film.

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