Ishq Mein Marjawan Glory Anaya Soni's condition critical, kidney failure...

Ishq Mein Marjawan Glory Anaya Soni’s condition critical, kidney failure…

The health of TV actress Anaya Soni is quite critical. During the filming of the TV show “Mere Sai”, Anaya Soni suddenly fell unconscious, after which she was hospitalized. According to a report, Sony’s condition is not good yet and complications have increased sharply. Fans have received an update on their health by posting from Anaya’s Insta account.

A damaged kidney must be replaced

In addition, Anaya’s father said during the conversation that one of his kidneys was completely worn out. Anaya’s father said her damaged kidney needed to be replaced. Anaya is on dialysis and so much is being spent on her health, which is not easy for her family to handle.

It is difficult to bear the cost of treatment

The financial situation of Anaya’s family is not good and they find it difficult to bear the costs of their daughter’s treatment. Anaya recently posted an Insta detailing her health: “Doctors say my kidney has failed and I need dialysis.” Social media users have advised him to switch to Ayurvedic treatment.

Anaya wrote – Pray for me

Anaya wrote, “My creatine is down to 15.67 and my hemoglobin is 6.7. My condition is very serious. On Monday I will be received in the Holy Spirit by Andheri East. Pray for me My life is not easy but I have tried to make it easy by living today. That too will soon be over. I will have a kidney transplant soon. I will apply for a kidney after dialysis.

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