Kamal R. Khan in legal trouble, KRK sentenced to 14 days in prison

Kamal R. Khan in legal trouble, KRK sentenced to 14 days in prison

KRK Arrested: Famed film critic Kamal Rashid Khan often makes headlines. According to recent reports, Kamal Rashid Khan has been arrested by the Mumbai police. According to the news, he was arrested by police after landing at Mumbai airport. Now a new update has come out on this matter.

Sent to custody in 14 days

According to ANI news agency, KRK was arrested by Mumbai police this morning and produced before Borivali court. The court then sent him into custody for 14 days. Let us inform you that Kamal R. Khan was arrested at Mumbai airport this morning.

arrests because of it

Mumbai police arrested KRK over his controversial tweet in 2020, according to ANI news agency. Let us tell you that “KRK tweeted about the late actors Rishi Kapoor and Irrfan Khan in 2020 as a result of which an FIR was filed against them.”

That was that controversial tweet

According to media reports, on April 30, 2020, KRK had tweeted about Rishi Kapoor. He had tweeted this when he was admitted to the hospital. He wrote in the tweet, “Sir, come back soon after recovery, don’t leave because the liquor store will be open in just 2-3 days.” A day before Rishi Kapoor’s death, actor Irrfan Khan left this world to say goodbye. KRK had also made offensive statements for him, which led to a complaint being made against him.

Old relationship with controversy

Let us tell you that this is not the first time KRK has been involved in a controversy, Kamal Rashid Khan has been in legal trouble many times before. Defamation proceedings had already been instituted against him. Bollywood’s Dabang Khan had filed a lawsuit against him. KRK had given Salman Khan’s film Radhe a negative review, not only that but he also made a personal comment about the actor, after which Dabang Khan filed a lawsuit against him. KRK often takes the stars on its target.

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