Kangana Ranaut was angry at the makers of "Brahmastra," said — and tried to sell lies

Kangana Ranaut was angry at the makers of “Brahmastra,” said — and tried to sell lies


Kangana Ranaut on Brahmastra: Bollywood’s long-awaited film Brahmastra recently hit theaters. But the famous actress of Hindi cinema Kangana Ranaut did not like Brahmastra at all and she gave her reaction to this film. Besides this, she has also targeted the film’s director Ayan Mukerji, the film’s producer Karan Johar, actor Ranbir Kapoor and actress Alia Bhatt.

Kangana told a liar to the makers of Brahmastra

In fact, while sharing Brahmastra’s negative review on her Instagram story, Kangana called the creators liars. Sharing the story, Kangana wrote: “This is what happens when you try to sell lies, Karan Johar forces people to say on every show that Alia Bhatt and Ranbir are the best actors and Ayan Mukerji is a genius. He’s slowly starting to believe what else does this film’s budget of 600 crores say, a director who hasn’t made a good film in his life, who sells himself to the Fox studio to finance this film, and how many studios are shutting down because of these movies.

600 crores was made in the making of Brahmastra

Also, in her next story, Kangana wrote: “Those who call Ayan Mukerji a genius should be sent to prison immediately, it took him 12 years to make this film, switched 14 DOPs, shot the film for more than 400 days, switched 85 assistant directors and 600 crores blown up, as well as hurting religious sentiments by changing the film’s name at the last moment, such opportunists, people lacking such creativity, when people hungry for success are called geniuses, then this is a well thought out strategy. Call day like night and night like day.

The actress honestly said she can’t make a good movie

Kangana continued, “Groupism is going to bite them now… Wedding, baby, PR, everything, media is controlled, even KRK is sent to jail, reviews are bought, tickets are bought, but they’re doing it all as a joke. They can’t really do one.” make a good movie.

This film offends religious feelings

In the end, Kangana said, those who call Ayan Mukerji a genius should be sent to jail immediately. The actress said: “Those who called Ayan Mukerji a genius should be jailed immediately, 600 crores lost, apart from that this film also hurts religious feelings, people like Karan Johar should be questioned who are interested in life other than the script of the film.

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