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Kinjal gives up her self-respect and will rejoin the Shah family, Paritosh will take revenge on Anupama

A pounding track is playing in Anupama. Audiences get to see high-voltage drama on the show. Previously, Paritosh had pretended to die in front of his family members. At the same time, both Baa and Vanraj are trying their best to get their daughter-in-law and daughter Kinjal back into the Shah family. In the upcoming episode, Kinjal will agree to join the Shah family.

The family members want Kinjal to give Toshu another chance. Anupama understands Kinjal’s pain as she too has been through this pain before. Anupama knows how long it took her to become self-sufficient. Kinjal accepts Vanraj’s words and decides to return home.
Toshu will take revenge on Anupama

Toshu will be under the same roof again with Kinjal. Toshu thanks Kinjal for it. Toshu plans a plot against Anupama. According to his plan, he initially wanted to bring Kinjal home, which is completed. Now he will take revenge on Anupama. Toshu tells Anupama that because of you I had to stay away from my daughter Arya. I will take away this Navratri also your Anu.

What will Anupama do now?

Anupama wants to do everything right. But as always, everyone misunderstands him. Kinjal’s mother Rakhi tells Anupama the truth. Anupama says nothing at this point. Anupama’s insult will not be tolerated by Anuj and he says you will not speak about Shah family affairs from now on. Anuj says I cannot see this Anupama. In such a situation, Anupama will choose her duty to the Shah family or obey Anuj. You have to wait a while to see all these twists and turns.

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