Kohinoor: Raveena Tandon asked a big question about Kohinoor and shared an old video of John Oliver

Kohinoor: Raveena Tandon asked a big question about Kohinoor and shared an old video of John Oliver


Raveena Tandon About kohinoor: Bollywood actress Raveena Tandon is very famous among people for her great acting. He has also played a starring role in a super hit film like KGF2. He recently shared a video of John on social media about Kohinoor returning to India, which has changed the social media environment.

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Raveena reacted to John’s video

Raveena Tandon recently reacted to John Oliver’s old video mocking John returning the Kohinoor diamond stolen by the British to India. Queen Elizabeth passed away some time ago, prompting people on social media to call for the Kohinoor Diamond to be returned to India. Previously the government had also requested the return of the Kohinoor diamond on several occasions but the UK government has been denying all claims for so many years. Now the thing has popped up again. This time all countries have started asking about their things stolen by the British. Meanwhile, Raveena Tandon shared a video of John Oliver revealing the secrets of all British exploits.

Shared video on Twitter

On Tuesday, Raveena Tandon shared on Twitter an old video from comedy commentator John Oliver’s show, in which she mocked Britain for claiming to have stolen a slew of artifacts and other priceless stolen items from various countries as her own. Raveena reacted to this video. Since the death of Queen Elizabeth II, other countries, including India, are claiming what the British stole before the countries gained independence. Such memes and tweets are flooded on social media platforms. Meanwhile, Raveena also shared the video and tweeted, writing: “Absolutely awesome! His punch line: “The entire British Museum should be declared an active crime scene!” She looks very impressed with this video. John has a lot more to say about the things the British stole from the countries in the video.

The special thing about John Oliver’s video

In 2015, John Oliver shared a video of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the UK as part of his show Last Week Tonight. In the video, the presenter spoke about the removal of the Kohinoor Diamond from India. He said that “the Kohinoor Diamond has been removed from India and now sits on the sofa of the Queen’s head”. The host said this while pointing at the picture of the British crown. The Kohinoor was found in southern India in the early 14th century. The Kohinoor Diamond is believed to have been found in the Kollur mines. Stolen by the British when India was their slave. Not just India, the British had stolen a thing or two from all the countries that were once their slaves.

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