KRK joked about the earnings of the movie "Brahmastra," saying, "Aliens to see it...

KRK joked about the earnings of the movie “Brahmastra,” saying, “Aliens to see it…


KRK on Brahmastra: Actor Kamal R. Khan, who was released on bail after consuming prison air in the controversial tweet case, is once again very active on social media. He recently violently blew up the film “Brahmastra” directed by Ayan Mukerji. At the same time, KRK, who describes himself as the biggest critic, has attacked this film starring Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt again.

#BrahmastraBoxOffice was trending on Twitter

Let us tell you that the Brahmastra Box Office (#BrahmastraBoxOffice) hashtag is currently trending on the Twitter social media platform. Regarding this, users say that the cinemas are empty, then how does the film earn so much? Some stars including users have also raised questions about the collection of Brahmastra, in which Vivek Agnihotri and Kangana Ranaut are the main ones. At the same time, the name of Kamal Rashid Khan was also added to this list. He recently criticized the film on Twitter. At the same time, he is now seen again mocking his collection.

KRK took a jibe over the box office collection

Upon seeing the box office of the film “Brahmastra,” KRK tweeted, “Aliens from Jupiter and Mars are coming to see the film on Earth!” Joking about the film’s earnings, KRK wrote, “The theaters are empty, but the Movie Brahmastra is still doing big business because extraterrestrials come to earth from Jupiter and Mars to watch this movie. And unfortunately people are not able to see the aliens sitting in cinemas.’

The Brahmastras have been blown up before

KRK had also previously targeted the film through one of his tweets. In his most recent tweet, Kamal Rashid Khan, while calling the film “Brahmastra” a disaster, wrote: “I have not reviewed the film “Brahmastra” but people don’t go to the cinema to see it. Accordingly, it became a disaster film. KRK didn’t stop there, going on to write, “I hope Karan Johar won’t blame me for the failure of this film like the rest of Bollywood has.”

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