Lucky Lakshaman

“Lucky Lakshaman” Title Song Unveiled By “Kushi” Director Shiva Nirvana

The title song for the Telugu movie “Lucky Lakshaman” is released on August 3, 2022 under the heads of Majili and Kushi director Shiva Nirvana. The man behind the exciting track of this song is Anup Rubena. The track unfolds against the backdrop of a pub. The lyrics are penned by Bhaskarabhatla. The song is made all fun by Ram Miriyala’s presentation. The song goes round around the concept of a leading character getting rich overnight,and the lyrics follow the concept.

“Lucky Lakshman”  is an out-and-out family entertainment narrating the incidents in the life of a youngster who always feels he is unlucky but everyone around him says that he is lucky. The film is produced by Haritha Goginani of Dattatreya Media. The film features Big Boss fame, Sohal and Mokksha, as the lead pairs. The editor of this movie is Prawin Pudi. Vishal is the choreographer. The executive producer is Vijayanand Keetha.

The lyrics of the song say, ringing in the ‘hawa’ of the rich kid, “Fateuu maarrindhe,routuu maarindhe,top to bottom styleuu maarindhe”.

The singers of this song are Ram Miriyala and Hari Priya Maranganti. The song was recorded at Harmony studios and the song was recorded by Rexson Vejendla. The studio assistant is Ram Reddy, and the song is mastered by Eric. Additional programming is handled by Ayyappa.

Sohal is very confident about the movie, and he says that they have not compromised on quality in terms of production values and technical output. And they are very confident that everyone will love the movie. AR Abhi did a fantastic job with the movie’s plot, script, dialogue, and direction.

The director, Abhi, and producer, Haritha Gogineni, are very excited and much more confident about the film they have made. They are hundred percent sure about their effort.

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