Mahesh Bhatt's relationship with not one but many beauties, a life path shrouded in controversy

Mahesh Bhatt’s relationship with not one but many beauties, a life path shrouded in controversy


Birthday of Mahesh Bhatt: Mahesh Bhatt is celebrating his 74th birthday today, September 20th. On this special occasion, his family and friends wish the filmmaker a happy birthday. Mahesh Bhatt is one such name in the film world who has always been in the midst of controversy. Today, let us tell you some unheard stories from his life.

Mahesh Bhatt was already writing for advertising texts at the age of 20

Mahesh Bhatt was born on September 20, 1948 in Mumbai. Mahesh Bhatt attended Don Bosco High School in Matunga. The filmmaker began writing for commercials when he was just 20 years old. During this time Mahesh performed Struggle during which Mahesh worked as secretary to Smita Patil and Vinod Khanna.


Mahesh Bhatt has also directed television series

Mahesh began his directing career in 1970 with the documentary Sankat. In addition, he began working as a producer with the film “Kabza”. At the age of 26, Mahesh Bhatt also directed the film “Manjilein Aur Bhi Hai” as a director. After that, he made many hits like “Lahu Ke Do Rang”, “Arth”, “Saaransh”, “Naam”, “Daddy”, “Aashiqui”, “Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahi” and “Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke”. directed. Mahesh Bhatt has also directed television series including many popular shows such as Swabhiman, Kabhi Kabhi and Naamkaran.


The director lived with Parveen Babi except for Kiran Bhatt

Let us tell you that while in college, Mahesh Bhatt fell in love with a girl named Lorien Bright. Lorraine changed her name to Kiran Bhatt after marriage. Pooja Bhatt and Rahul Bhatt are the only children of Lorien aka Kiran Bhatt. When Mahesh and Kiran got married, there have been discussions about Mahesh and actress Parveen Babi’s affair ever since. This is why Mahesh Bhatt of the two started living in a shared flat with Parveen Bobby. But in her final days, Parveen Babi was quite alone as she suffered from a dreaded mental illness called schizophrenia, which made her see everyone as her enemy and want to kill them.


Soni Razdan entered Mahesh’s life

This was a time when Mahesh Bhatt’s relationship with Kiran had deteriorated and Parveen’s mental state had taken Mahesh from him as well. In those days, amidst the bitterness in all relationships, Soni Razdan’s name emerged as love in Mahesh’s life. Meanwhile, Mahesh did not officially divorce Kiran, instead marrying Soni. Not only that, Mahesh had embraced the Muslim religion to perform this marriage. Mahesh and Soni Razdan have two daughters, Alia and Shaheen Bhatt.


Mahesh surrounded by controversy over liplock photoshoot

The biggest controversy in the producer’s life concerned his daughter Pooja Bhatt. Actually, Mahesh and Pooja had done such a photoshoot for a magazine, where both could be seen closing their lips. Mahesh Bhatt had a press conference on the whole affair and during that he said that “if Pooja wasn’t my daughter I would have married her”. However, he later presented his clarification on the matter, saying that due to the allegations leveled against him after that photo shoot, he became a victim of depression and therefore made a statement about how to marry pooja. .


Name also linked to Jia Khan and Riya Chakraborty

Finally, let us say that Mahesh’s name in Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide case was also linked to Rhea Chakraborty. Not only that, the pictures and videos of Jia Khan and Riya along with the producer-director also caused panic across the industry.

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