Namrata Malla did two and a half doom in a white lehenga,

Namrata Malla did two and a half doom in a white lehenga,


Namrata Malla Last post: Namrata Malla tops the list of the hottest actresses in the bhojpuri industry. Given the beauty of the actress, people cannot take their eyes off her. Not only that, when Namrata dances, her fans break a sweat after seeing her moves. In this episode, another video by the actress causes panic in the internet world. When they see that, people get hurt.

Namrata Malla performed tremendous dances

Namrata Malla shared a video on her official Instagram account that immediately grabbed the spotlight. In the video, the actress wears a white ghagra choli. She looks very glamorous. At the same time, Namrata Video can be seen in this video vigorously dancing to the song “Kamariya”. At the same time, the actress gives more than one powerful expression that drives people crazy.

This video of the actress makes headlines

Let us tell you that this video of the actress is making headlines on social media. The video has received 3,450 likes so far. At the same time, users are raining down comments on this video from Namrata Malla. One user commented and wrote: “Beautiful”. At the same time, another user praised his dancing, saying: “Fabulous performance”. Let us tell you that every video of Namrata Malla spreads like fire once it hits what people are dying to see.

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