Neetu shared a beautiful picture for Rishi Kapoor's birthday, wrote this note

Neetu shared a beautiful picture for Rishi Kapoor’s birthday, wrote this note

Birthday of Rishi Kapoor: Today is the birthday of Bollywood veteran Rishi Kapoor. He is not with us today, but his memories are always with us. Rishi Kapoor said goodbye to this world on April 30, 2020. Due to his sudden departure, not only the cinema but also the fans were shocked. At the same time, Neetu Kapoor shared a photo for her birthday today.

Birthday of Rishi Kapoor

Neetu Kapoor shared this photo on her Instagram account where Rishi and Neetu can be seen together. The bond between the two looks pretty massive. In the photo, you can see that on one side is Rishi Kapoor wearing rose colored glasses, on the other side is Neetu Kapoor with a musty scarf. At the same time, smiles can be seen on both faces in this photo and Neetu can be seen showering her husband Rishi with love.

Neetu Kapoor shared a photo

Neetu Kapoor also wrote a caption while sharing the photo. The actress captioned ‘Wrote “Happy Birthday” and made a heart emoji. In addition to the stars, fans also comment on this post. Neetu Singh and Rishi Kapoor first met during the film “Bobby”. There was a lot of arguments between the two and then both gradually started to fall in love. Discussions about their affair started all over the entertainment world and then they both got married.

Memorable Movies by Rishi Kapoor

There is no Rishi Kapoor today, but his memories can never be forgotten. Rishi Kapoor has had more than one film in cinemas, including films such as Chandni, Bobby, Prem Rog, Deewana, Hina, Nagina, Mera Naam Joker, Damini, Prem Granth.

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