Nora Fatehi showed her style, fans got sleepy after seeing the style

Nora Fatehi showed her style, fans got sleepy after seeing the style


Nora Fatehi video: Nora Fatehi is called the dancing queen of Bollywood. His dance increases people’s heartbeat. She also dominates with her beauty. The actress’ style speaks loudly for the fans. Be it an old or a new Nora Fatehi video, social media will be covered immediately the moment it comes out. At the same time, a video of Nora is now circulating on the Internet, which fans have to watch again and again.

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Nora Fatehi ups the heat

Nora Fatehi shared this video on her Instagram account, where you can see that she first gets ready for this video and poses in front of the camera. After that, you can see his hot look that makes the fans sleep. You can see that she looks very beautiful in a yellow bodycon dress and carries a bag in her hands. Her hairstyle is also amazing which suits her.

Fans went crazy when they saw the video

She shoots arrows at the fans in Slayer style. When Nora shared the video, she wrote in the caption, “I print job applications because that’s what I’m applying for.” Dancing Queen Nora Fatehi’s video has been liked by more than 9,000 people so far and that number keeps growing. Not only that, but fans are also heavily commenting on the video. One user wrote ‘You are so beautiful’ when commenting.

Fans shower Nora with love

At the same time, thousands of users shared hot and fire emojis. This isn’t the first time Nora’s video has gone viral on social media. Let me tell you, Nora Fatehi’s fan base is huge and her style is very well liked by the fans. Nora wreaks havoc with every look and that’s why she’s taken a different place in people’s hearts today.

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