Pawan Singh made the quilt with Monalisa

Pawan Singh made the quilt with Monalisa


Bhojpuri dance video: Monalisa, who is called the Bhojpuri Queen, remains the focus of discussion these days. The actress conquers all hearts with her cheeky and hot look. At the same time, a song by Monalisa was in the news recently. Which is sung on Monalisa and Pawan Singh. In this song, the actress throws lightning bolts at everyone with her style.

People who are crazy about Monalisa and Pawan Singh’s chemistry

This video by Monalisa and Pawan Singh is currently making headlines. Both actors can be seen pulling off killer moves in the song “Muaai Dihala Raja Ji.” In this video you can see actress Pawan Singh romanticizing. People like the chemistry between Pawan Singh and Monalisa, which fans react to in different ways.

Monalisa looked hot in her red saree

This video was shot in the bedroom. Where Monalisa wears a red sari. And she looks very hot. The video has millions of likes so far and these numbers are constantly increasing. This isn’t the first time Bhojpuri Queen Monalisa’s song has gone viral. Monalisa’s songs are always expected to make people’s hearts beat faster and that’s why every song is covered by her and people like her.

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