Pawan Singh tucked into Kajal Raghavani's bodice

Pawan Singh tucked into Kajal Raghavani’s bodice


Bhojpuri dance video: Bhojpuri actress Kajal Raghavani always remains in discussion for her style. Every time people lose their senses after seeing the actress’ hot look. Kajal’s songs raise the temperature of the internet as soon as they are released. In the song, too, the actress leaves no stone unturned to drive everyone crazy with her shaking. Once again, another video from the actress is making headlines that people are really resonating with.

Kajal Raghavani stunned by dancing

The video features a tremendous romance between Pawan Singh and Kajal Raghavani. In this video, the two spread such a flame when they see the people getting their eyes ripped out. Not only that, the actress brings more than one movement and expression to the song, which is driving people crazy. This video was shot in the garden. Also, both enjoy the garden in their songs.

The actress numbed her senses with her shaking

The name of this song by Kajal Raghavani and Pawan Singh is “Choliye Me Atkal Pran”. In this song, the actress wears a pink lehenga. In which she spreads mischief. In addition, she blows away all the senses with her hanging. This video was shared on YouTube on a channel called Wave Music. So far, this video has received 149,000 likes and people are commenting heavily on the video.

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